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PROFILE プロフィール

1998 started his career as a HIPHOP DJ
2000 shifted to reggae-dancehall DJ and began to distinguish himself
2000~ belong to a label called 134RECORDINGS(Shonan-no-Kaze’s label)
and started his career as a selecter for Shonan-no-Kaze and also a solo artist at the same time.
BK has been playing at many dances not only reggae-dancehall events
but also at cross-over events thus showcasing his view of music.
BK has also attended overseas events therefore expanding the range of his career.
BK also does remixes for Shonan-no-Kaze and produces his own mix CD.
BK is also a selecter for Minmi who is a singer from Japan at many events.
The famous event in Japan called ‘ Nishiazabu-densetsu’ was organized by BK.
2009 BK organized a mix CD production group called ‘MONKEY BANANA’
and released their first mix CD named ‘DOOR’.
2010 BK will make his major solo-debut for ‘FORLIFE MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT,INC.’ from Japan.
BK is obviously one of the multi talented entertainers
who flourishes his music career in many angle

1998年、HIPHOP DJとしてアーティスト活動をスタート。
その後、134Recordingsへ所属し湘南乃風のBack Selecterとしての活動を新たにスタートさせる。
現場Playでは他のBig Soundと同等に渡り歩き、
スタジオワークでは湘南乃風のリミックス制作や自身のMix CD制作をこなしている。
更にはMINMIのBack Selecterも務め様々なイベントに参加。
2009年、Mix CD制作集団「MONKEY BANANA」を結成し、第一弾「DOOR」をリリース。
2010年、The BK Soundsとして、For Life Music Entertainmentよりメジャーデビュー決定。